How we do

School Network

In the last one decade, we have built a elaborate network of schools in India and the Middle East Asia. This was made possible when all the event and campaign were able to give an edge to the participating schools. The most renowned schools of India look forward to associating with us each year for a unique preposition and we don’t disappoint them. This relationship with schools could only be sustained on the premise of value creation and not solely business. Teachers, Principals and trustees of these schools are on board as advisors on various platforms that we have created. We consider these schools as the key stake holder of the ecosystem that we have been endeavouring to create in the Indian education industry.

In house content

Content is the King and that’s the thumb rule that we follow for any campaign that we work on. We give an in-house team consisting of alumni of the best institutions of India from IITs to IIMs. This team works on the principle of simplifying things. Concept builders, MCQs., Activities and so many different approaches are being used to build a world class content for the participating students. Incorporating latest updates , using cartoons and history lessons to untangle complex terms and concepts are the key work areas for this team. We remain in constant touch with regulatory authorities and subject experts of different curriculum to make our content congruent with the education system.

Quizzing Edge

We are the undisputed leaders in creating On-stage quiz. Audio-visual rounds created by us can’t be replicated due to the optimum appropriation of innovative concepts and flow. The balance of momentum and thrill of an on-stage quiz that we maintain, is unmatched. We use best of the production methods to create video rounds and our quiz masters are best in the Industry. If a client requires a celebrity to run a quiz, we have expertise to manage that too. Our quiz creation team also works on audience engagement during quiz with interesting rounds.

Advance IT Support

An efficient IT team is quintessential for an effective execution of campaigns. We have a separate team to support each campaign. The members of this team work on creating MIS of event, data record, communication though SMS and email alert. They are also responsible for digitalisation content and creation of online learning system for students. Reaching out to TG with digital marketing and social media marketing are also done by this team. They are the best at it as they have done it for premier banking institution and a reputed stock exchange as well.

Operational Efficiency

For every successfully executed event or campaign, we rely heavily on our operation team. Designing of collateral, dispatching of communication material to school, event handling, they do it all in a professional manner. This team is best at venue management, production and running of quiz, guest and speaker management. Since they have associates appointed in almost all the cities, this gives an edge to them for localization of event in terms of reach and cost control.