What we do


Our strategic team meets the client and understands the objective. This is followed by drafting a blueprint of the campaign. Ideas rule the world and we rule the ideas. We can assure you, our team would never be short of ideas to share that meet your objective. Each of our campaign is singular and doesn’t get repeated for different clients. Environment, Energy, Finance, Careers and what not, we can curate a campaign that delivers exactly on the lines that you intended to.


We value our client’s needs and thus believe in customizing events. Costing is never a problem with us because we are the masters on whom you can rely on to design an event that suits your budget. More than that, we have a complete control over the geographical spread of the campaign. Selecting location based on your TG and mapping them in event is our proficiency. When it comes to customization, we also give our best to establish a sync of activities on calendar based on your requirements.

Reach out

Once the campaign is finalized, one of our team starts reaching out to your TG. This team is equipped with a dedicated telecalling desk, a network of associates in almost 60 cities in India. This team in the past has managed to reach out to more than 5000 schools. Emailer, Brochure, visits and several other tools are being put to optimum utilisation for timely contacting school authorities to take them on board for our campaign.


That’s the key of our success. Each of our events leaves an impression with its impact just because we emphasize on high degree of engagement. Event design ensures effective audience interaction points. Event flow is curated in a manner that this impact can be sustained for a longer period of time. Activities are created that minimize unilateral communication and create a platform for open dialogue and responses from audiences too.


Our clients compliment us for being the best executors and that makes us singular in the field. Since in execution we are with client from the initial stage of conceptualizing, we meticulously work on all details. We have a weekly check list of tasks and following that religiously helps us to have enormous control in terms of timeline and costing. Collecting mid course feedback, conveying it to the client and timely incorporating changes into the flow during execution is something that we do seamlessly. We provide a window of observation to our clients throughout the execution phase and our clients love us for the very fact that all they have to do is sit back and witness a flawless event unfold in front of them.